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1. Radiance De-puffing Massage Body Cream (180g): Our body cream ensures comprehensive hydration by delivering a healthy dose of fatty acids to your skin and forming a protective layer, which prevents water from evaporating from its surface.

2. Just Hand Cream (45g): Developed to keep dryness, redness, and irritation at bay, our Hand Cream features green coffee oil that collected from the unperfect coffee bean which supposed to be wasted (an effective anti-aging ingredient rich in lipids and fatty acids) and meadowfoam seed oil, an extraordinary hydrating agent that protects the skin by coating it in a water-retaining film. 

3. Radiance Boosting Eye Cream (12g): This rich, silky cream harnesses the power of precious botanicals and high-grade clinical ingredients, including caffeine that targets puffiness and reduces signs of aging like wrinkles and dark circles. The finest Uji Tea Extract, helming from Kyoto, helps inhibit the delayed damage and photo-aging caused by UV exposure while Yuzu Fruit Extract improves blood circulation and reduces puffiness. This cutting-edge, transformative treatment is formulated with a 100% sugarcane-derived Squalane – a potent moisturizing agent that reduces fine lines around eye area, laugh lines and even cracks on the lips.


Free Gift: Pretti5 x Pipi Tote Bag (Value: $250)

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