Meet the De-Puff! Rose Quartz Jade Roller Tool 🎀

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In this three-part series, we'll introduce our De-Puff! Rose Quartz Jade Roller Tool, Restore! Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool, and Peas in a Pod Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads. We’ve combined ancient TCM wisdom with the latest environmentally-friendly technology to bring you the best of clean, sustainable beauty.

De-Puff! Rose Quartz Jade Roller Tool

A regimen fit for royalty! In this post, you'll learn about the history of jade rolling, the beauty benefits of rose quartz, and how to use your De-Puff! Rose Quartz Jade Roller Tool. 

De-Puff! Rose Quartz Jade Roller Tool (HK$210)

What is Jade Rolling?

Facial rolling dates back to 7th-century traditional Chinese medicine practices, though the jade roller tool wasn’t invented until the Qing dynasty—it’s said that Empress Dowager Cixi used a jade roller every day! The jade roller has since resurfaced in modern-day beauty practices, and for good reason. Jade rolling improves the circulation of Qi, boosts blood flow, and eliminates toxins to revitalize skin brightness and elasticity. 

A jade roller at the Palace Museum in Beijing. Image retrieved from


These benefits are backed by science, too: facial rolling encourages lymphatic drainage by pushing out fluid known as lymph. Lymph nodes in the neck cleanse and filter the lymph before returning it to the bloodstream for healthy circulation. Regular use of a facial roller helps to drain bacteria and reduce inflammation.

Why Rose Quartz?

Traditionally, jade rollers were made of—you guessed it—jade. While jade has the royal seal of approval, rose quartz is ideal for dry, sensitive, or easily irritated skin types. Its high surface density and smooth texture give it a gentle glide that won’t aggravate sensitive skin, while its naturally cool temperature makes it exceptional at reducing puffiness and inflammation.

Photo by June O on Unsplash

The rose quartz crystal exudes gentle feminine energy that opens up the heart chakra to transform negativity into self-love. For that reason, it’s also known to have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties that restore balance, youthfulness, and clarity. A healing crystal that represents love and harmony, it’s the perfect addition to your daily self-care routine or a special spa night!

Our favorite things about the De-Puff! Rose Quartz Jade Roller Tool:

  • Cooling and non-porous, it’s perfect for applying your skincare products. Roll on the Miracle Glow Facial Oil for improved circulation and deep hydration, or massage the Hydro-Rescue Repairing Night Mask into your skin for overnight rejuvenation.
  • Pop your Jade Roller Tool in the fridge (not the freezer!) for a relaxing facial that’ll de-puff and soothe tired skin. 
  • Easy to keep clean: simply wipe with a damp cloth and pat dry.

How to Use:

Visual guide to facial jade rolling

Always use a sanitized roller on cleansed skin. Repeat each step 5-10 times for best results!

  1. Starting with the smaller end of the roller, gently stroke along your brow.
  2. Roll up from your brow to hairline, keeping a light pressure and steady rhythm. 
  3. You can also—very gently—roll along your eyelid to relieve stress and fatigue.
  4. Switch to the larger end of the roller and move along your cheekbone, from the side of your nose to your temple.
  5. Shift a few centimeters down and repeat. 
  6. Repeat along the lower cheek, taking care to roll upwards and outwards. 
  7. Still using the larger end, roll along your jawline: from the middle of your chin towards your earlobe.

And we’re done with the face! Now, on to the neck: 

  1. Sweep the roller along your neck, following the same trajectory as above.
  2. Roll upwards from your clavicle to your chin, using big motions.

Now that you’ve successfully swept excess fluid away from your face, it’s time to open up your neck passageways to drain any lymph through the lymph nodes: 

  1. Using slightly more pressure, roll downwards along the side of your neck and down your shoulders. 
  2. Roll the other side of your face, also repeating each step 5-10 times.

Pretti5 Tip:

Roll once in the morning for optimal de-puffing results, or let the gentle massage melt away your worries after a long day!

Photo by Mi Min on Unsplash

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Written by Fion Tse