Not a drop left! Botanic Pretti5, as featured on ELLE's Beauty Empties 2021

As we step into summer, the fluctuating temperatures are — well, temperamental. Some mornings we put on a warm jacket to go outdoors, only to be left sweating profusely by the afternoon. Fluctuating temperatures are a good sign that it's time to take care of not only your health, but also your skin.


As we age, our skin gradually loses the ability to bounce back, making it more vulnerable to unstable weather, hazy pollution, urban dust and long-term mask-wearing. This shows on your skin as dry flakiness, itchiness and even redness and swelling. We know how it feels to do a complete skincare routine every night, only to be left with the feeling that your skin is only getting drier and duller.

The best way to tackle dryness and irritation is through deep-level moisturizing, making hydrating serums your best friend!


Botanic Pretti5's Advanced Hyaluronic Serum was recently selected as one of the editors' favorite beauty empties for the ELLE Hong Kong Beauty Awards 2021: it delivers deep-level moisture while rejuvenating the skin with its antioxidant properties, hydrating skin and leaving it feeling light and fresh. Its high absorbency also means it's easy to layer products, making it the perfect addition to your skincare routine.

As a local beauty brand founded in Hong Kong, we're honored to be listed as one of ELLE Hong Kong's Beauty Empties along with a host of renowned international brands! To know that beauty editors love every last drop of our skincare products is the best validation and encouragement we could ask for.


We'd like to pause in this exciting moment to express our gratitude to you all, too! Having been on the market for just a little over a year, we've been incredibly lucky at Botanic Pretti5 to have received so much support and encouragement, and that alone makes all our effort and hard work worth it.


It's our firm belief that anything is possible with love, passion and hard work, and Hong Kong's local brands can rival even big-name international brands. Our team at Pretti5 extends a heart full of gratitude to you all, carrying our firm values of clean, vegan beauty with the hope that, in 2021, every urban woman can enjoy effective, high-quality skincare.



Advanced Hyaluronic Serum (HKD620)

A hydrating serum tailored for dry, sensitive skin. With a unique and sweet aroma, the Advanced Hyaluronic Serum is designed with a potent formula of 12 precious botanicals, vitamin B3, provitamin B5, and her majesty, hyaluronic acid. The serum helps nourish, tighten and stabilize irritated skin, and effectively eliminates puffiness.


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