How We Bring the TCM Snow Mushroom to Your Modern Skincare Routine

Snow mushrooms have been found in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and even desserts for centuries dating back to the Tang dynasty under their Mandarin name Bai Mu Er.

The delightful gelatinous looking frills give this mushroom the appearance of a winter flower, but beyond its alluring visual qualities the snow mushroom is fabled to offer the gift of youth along with other internal health benefits including anti-inflammation.

Holding a whopping 500 times its weight in water, the snow mushroom is a legendary match for a popular ingredient called hyaluronic acid which holds twice that amount.

This feat is remarkable as snow mushroom on its own is a naturally occurring organism and without additional engineering is able to retain this amount of moisture. Until recently, TCM ingredients like the snow mushroom that are common in Asian medicine were hard to come by in modern skincare routines; however, along with a select few in the beauty world, we’ve recognized that snow mushrooms are a potential mainstream skincare trend that perfectly embodies our East meets West, vegan and cruelty-free ethos. 

Our take on this traditional Chinese medicine ingredient is an eco-certified snow mushroom extract which we incorporate into four of our key products. Note that other names for this ingredient include tremella fuciformis and silver ear mushrooms.

Check out these four products for a pump of the prized snow mushroom:

One of China’s Four Great Beauties, Yang Guifei, is said to have used snow mushrooms to maintain her youthful beauty. So the next time you’re seeking for an extra TCM boost for smooth and supple skin, grab a snow mushroom dessert and pair it with a nighttime routine of any or all of our snow mushroom containing products! 

Written by Joy Chan