First thing first, THANK YOU to everyone who has been supporting us since day one. 2020 has been a tough one for everyone and it is finally 2021.  As the French saying goes, “des haut et des bas.” Highs and lows. It has been a hectic year for all of us, with lows as wells as MANY great highlights. Not to mention we have traveled all around the world for Pretti5, from Japan, Seoul, Italy to France. It is a great honor for our flagship product, Botanic Pretti5 – Antioxidant Hydrating Toning Essence, to win the Cosmopolitan Best of the Best Beauty Award 2020 in the lotion category! It is still unreal to us till this day, and we are so grateful for our media friends’ continuous support.

In addition to expressing our full gratitude, the Pretti5 team also wants to take this opportunity to tell everyone our story.



Des Haut Et Des Bas

From shelter-in-place orders rolling out nationwide, to starting a brand from scratch, it has been a challenging journey for Pretti5. We are just so thankful for all the love and support, empties bottles and repurchases from our customers to keep us going ahead on these rocky roads. Just proves to us that our series of product have the most splendid hydrating power, to keep our skin looking naturally plump and perfectly glowy all day. Winning the Cosmopolitan beauty award this time is not only an affirmation for the Pretti5 team, but also a booster to our customer.

From Hong Kong, Made in Japan

From body to mind, the entire concept of Pretti5 is to combine Eastern adaptogen and Western skin care technology. We have spent a long time working with Chinese medicine to develop formulas to create products that are most suitable for our city women. Our high-quality skincare is designed in Hong Kong and formulated in Japan, with deep roots in Asian culture. We have traveled all around the world to find the best laboratory for our products, and we have landed in Japan and they have amazed us with their level of perfection, even removing products with the tiniest imperfections. Their persistence made us extremely confident in safety and our product quality, to be the very best.


Photo form MILKX magazine

A fusion of Eastern ideals, a sprinkle of Western artistry, and a holistic approach to beauty — all optimized for the unique demands of Asian skin. We are here to spread love, kindness and encouragement that celebrate us, we cannot describe how much we love what we do. 

Wishing every hardworking soul, a happy and bright new year, and a glowy-er 2021! I hope you love the natural glow as much as we do!

Yours truly,