Sitting Down with Siena: On soul-searching & inner beauty

Stepping into Siena’s studio, we’re greeted with a gently peaceful atmosphere. The late morning sun slants in through the windows, setting the pecan floorboards awash with soft sunlight. Leafy plants, arranged neatly along walls and nestled in corners, add a touch of tranquility.

She changes into earth-toned activewear and steps into the studio: her stride exudes easy grace and confidence as she effortlessly unrolls a yoga mat. Cross-legged on the floor, Siena begins to tell us her story.

Embarking on a life-changing journey

“My first yoga session was either high school or uni,” Siena tells us. That first session wasn’t what piqued her interest though — it was only “many, many years later” that she discovered her interest in yoga and wellness. Yoga has taught her how to practice self-love and mindfulness, and to coexist with her emotions.

"This time taking on was very life-changing."

A yoga session can take different forms: “Sometimes [it’s] just flowing and there’s [also] dynamic meditation...just focusing on yourself.”

During each 10- to 30-minute session, Siena shifts her attention to the movement of her body and her “inner self,” temporarily setting aside worldly concerns.

“It helps to calm the mind and still the body. This time taking on was very life-changing.”

Photo from Siiiena

Developing a skincare routine in Hong Kong

Siena had a simple skincare routine growing up. “[In Vancouver,] we basically just washed our faces...I would go in the sun and tan without even sunscreen.”

But coming to hot, humid Hong Kong changed everything. Her skin became more volatile, and the drastic change in environmental factors proved stressful for her sensitive skin.

“I [realized I needed] to start up some kind of skincare routine that was more suitable for my dry skin.”

Siena’s Pretti5 Routine

After removing her makeup, Siena likes to start her Pretti5 routine with the Hydro-Power Brightening Cleanser (HK$280) for smooth, glowing skin. “Cleansing is really important in Hong Kong because of the polluted air, [which leads to] clogged pores.”

She picks out the water-based Antioxidant Hydrating Toning Essence (HK$420) next, to quickly hydrate tight, dry skin post-cleansing.

When it comes to serum and moisturizer, Siena confesses: “I sometimes get lazy. When I feel good and I feel like I have the time, I always go serum and then [moisturizer]. Sometimes I skip it, or do either one.”

Siena’s Favorites

Out of Pretti5’s clean beauty line, she loves the Miracle Glow Facial Oil (HK$480). “On days I feel like my skin is drier, I mix it with the cream. Sometimes I mix it with some of my foundations too, and I feel like it works.”

Another one of her favorites is the Hydro-Rescue Repairing Night Mask (HK$620), which she uses to rejuvenate dull, tired skin. “I put it on and I know I’ll wake up with very vibrant skin.”

A lover of natural vegan beauty, Siena praises Pretti5 for its values.

“All the products are cruelty-free, and I love that there are Eastern and Western [elements] mixed into them. I really appreciate that this brand carries the same values [I do, because] I trust clean beauty.”

Stories like Siena’s are what motivates us at Pretti5 to create high-quality, natural skincare that inspires worry-free confidence and radiant self-love.


Hydro-Power Brightening Cleanser (HK$280)

Antioxidant Hydrating Toning Essence (HK$420)

Advanced Hyaluronic Serum (HK$620)

Intensive Water-Glow Moisturizer (HK$480)

Miracle Glow Facial Oil (HK$620)

Hydro-Rescue Repairing Night Mask (HK$720)